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Tools to Master Technology

Do you ever notice how hard it seems to switch off and disconnect these days? 

Given your phone is your work, your camera, your link to information, your diary and your social interactivity, all rolled up into one neat package, it's hard to do without it,

But, here's the thing. Our phones, and the technology designed for our phones, is highly addictive! They've been designed that way. Every time you hear a ping, you're getting hit of dopamine - a chemical which plays a role in seeking reward and pleasure - the same chemical that's released when drug users get high. And because that ping is driving a big habit to check your phone, you'll be disheartened to hear that you pick up your phone on average 150 times a day!

So how can you MASTER technology rather then become its servant?


How can you gain some semblance of control over your gadgets?

Start small by first noticing if technology is impacting your life.

Become aware of your body’s response or your natural impulse when you hear your phone 'ping'. Do you have to immediately check your phone?

Notice the habits you’ve created around your use of technology, like the compulsion to check your phone if you're not doing anything.

Become aware how many times you check your phone during the day - you might be very surprised.

And pay attention to how you feel if your phone’s battery has gone flat and you’re unable to charge it, or if you've left home without your phone.



Buying an old fashioned alarm clock and keep your phone out of the bedroom

Switching your phone to silent and notice if you become less distracted and more productive

Talking to your colleagues rather than sending them an email

Putting your phones in a corner at a restaurant. The first one to check their phone pays the bill

Having a phone free afternoon or a day in the weekend. Switch it off completely.

Buying a paperback book

Allocating certain times throughout your day when you check your email

Using a programme that enables you to send emails in one go at a certain time in the morning (rather than late at night)

Engaging the ‘push’ button on the phone, which downloads emails all at once

Taking the email functionality off your phone if you go away on holiday so you can have a complete break

Taking certain Apps off your phone that constantly check


While technology is here to stay, it’s up to you to make your relationship with technology a positive one.

It’s really about how you use technology to enhance your life, and not giving technology the chance to rule your life. So take action. Put your phone down. Take a beautiful deep breath. Go for a walk. Start to re-engage with a bit of the non-technical world.

If Steve Jobs, one of the world’s leaders in the advancement of technology, restricted the amount of technology his children were exposed to, you can too.