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Free Breathing Meditation


Life is busy. It's all too easy to become addicted to being busy.

Have you ever felt in a constant state of overwhelm where there never seems to be enough time? Does life feels more and more that it's controlling you?

By simply focusing on the breath, you begin to engage the body's Relaxation Response. That's when the body releases chemicals and brain signals that make your muscles and organs slow down, while increasing blood flow to the brain. It's a physical state of deep relaxation. 

Hit the pause button.

Just for a moment. Take 5 minutes out of your day, just for you, with no distraction, emails, to do lists, and tasks.

Then re-egage with life. You will notice a difference. You're thinking clearer. You've found a solution to a problem. You are more in control. You're more focused. You're less stressed...

Taking a 5 minute breathing meditation will help you to take a pause on the busyness, and leave you feeling recharged, re-energised and ready to focus on your day. Let's do it!