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Pleasure in a Perfect Box

I’ve been staring at these delectable morsels all morning in their beautiful Parisian box. They’re calling out to me, tempting me, their colours enticing.

Having been gluten free for a number of years, I am debating with myself that surely one, one little French macaroon, can’t possibly hurt. But then that would disrupt the perfection of the box, for if one is taken, the others then stand alone, as if begging to be taken too.

Oh what to do….such temptation in a perfect, Parisian box.

They were given to us last night at a dinner party and as I opened the box I squealed with delight as perfection always comes in a small, delicate French box.

So I’m sitting here this morning, with my cup of tea, knee deep in website design, thinking that surely, surely one can’t hurt, but I am in conflict… conflict between disrupting that perfect French box and my belief that French and gluten free just don’t go together.

I've decided... The sheer beauty of these Parisian macaroons is nearly as good as tasting one, so I am going to look at them some more. I am going to savour this sweet perfection before my eyes and then I will take pleasure in tasting one – just for me – without any sense of guilt.

These perfect macaroons remind me of how we save cherished things for a rainy day like that  beautiful pair of underwear that you keep for special occasions. So why not let live a little and forget about that rainy day and enjoy what you have right now?

Wear your beautiful lingerie; put those beautiful cotton sheets on your bed; savour that piece of chocolate during your diet. Don’t save anything for the right occasion or a rainy day as life is simply too short for the absence of pleasure, however perfect it looks in a box.

And as for me, well, sometimes I do get it wrong…..Macaroons have no flour, and so disrupting that perfect French box is now the least of my worries. It’s keeping them from my sweet toothed husband….