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Stuck in Finding Love?

Are you someone who has put your life on hold because what you most desire hasn't happened yet? Are you still playing the waiting game wondering when on earth love is ever going to happen?

One thing I've learnt in life is that you can't hurry the stuff you want to create and you certainly can't hurry love. Things have a way of happening in their own time. I don't know how this works but it's pretty much true. You can force all you like. You can create a deadline. You can have all your ducks in a row. You can be super, duper prepared. And yet, most times what you want to create will happen when it happens. Ever worked on a renovation project or have you ever built a house? Now you're catching my drift. The best laid intentions and all that...

So when it comes to love, you can't say "On such a such a day I want to meet/be with THE ONE." Life doesn't work that way. Humans are deeply connected to linear time. In fact, we run our life by the measurement of ‘time’. When something as magical as love comes together, time is pretty irrelevant.

So how can you best be prepared for love? How can you ensure that you're not idling time waiting in the hope of being plucked off the shelf? How can you live life fully and joyfully with the trust that love will happen in it's own time?

Love begets love

One of the first things you can do is to immerse yourself in those things that you love and light you up. Love begets love. Love is magnetising. Ever been around a person who loves life, is doing what they love and who is joyful? They're great to be around aren't they? Now imagine someone you know (and hey, this could be you) who hates their job, who is idling time, who doesn't feel joyful and who is pretty down on life in general. Well those kinds of people drain you - they don't make you feel good to be around. Period.

You are what you attract. So get on with your life and make stuff happen. And make sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re loving it. Find that purpose, that thing that lights you up and spend time on that instead of playing the waiting game.

Do the Inner Work

While you are spending time finding out what you love to do, do some serious inner work. Seriously. Not enough people know themselves - deeply. This is a life long process - doing the inner work, learning lessons, letting go of beliefs that aren’t really yours, being more conscious, waking up, seeing reality for what it really is, being fully embodied, using your intuition, remembering you’re powerful…..This is a serious commitment - to yourself. The more you know yourself and trust your inner guidance, the more you will recognise real love when it comes knocking. I know of a number of people who think they’ve met their soul mate only to find out later down the track that the relationship is destructive. They’re either a sociopath, controlling or someone intent on keeping you small. The more you know yourself, the more you can say, thanks but no thanks, and not get caught up in what’s not really real.

Get Out of the House

I have a real issue with Internet dating. It’s mechanical!! And it keeps you locked in doors! People are making serious money from you if you’re playing the Internet game. I am sure there are lots of you who have found your Soul Mate online, hence you won’t be needing to read this article, so read on..


Get out there and do stuff and immerse yourself in those things that feel good rather than setting up dates with people who turn out to be drastically different than the person you swiped right (or is it left….I am confused). When you meet someone you can feel the spark of something - but as with my point above, if you really know yourself and continue to do the deep inner work, you will know if that spark is real or not. Remember, if someone is saying all the right things but you’re not ‘feeling’ it, make haste. Be in the world, not of it. You are powerful and sovereign. Love can happen in the most unlikely of places - if it is meant to happen. And that’s the beauty of life. There seems to be a grand Soul plan in all of this. At the very least, get on with your life, be in the world and open yourself up to possibility.