Anne Loyd
Helping Ordinary Women Do Extraordinary Things


Be True to You and Your Purpose

You never know how things are going to pan out in life. That’s the beauty of not knowing – or not needing to know ‘everything’. There are times when you start out on a path and it feels great. You’re filled with excitement and joy. Over time as you continue on this path and become a little more conscious, a little more aware - because let’s face it, we are always growing, always digging a little deeper – you begin to see that the path you were so excited about is no longer that path for you. Perhaps that path has changed, or as you have grown as a person your purpose has changed.  

Here’s the thing with creating. Nothing is constant as everything is always in motion. So as you start out and you’re filled with excitement and happiness, over time it can become apparent that things are not as they seem. People are not as they seem. What you’ve created no longer truly resonates with you. Or your dream or vision or path has changed out of your control.

This is the beauty of doing the inner work we are always called to do. It is never ending as there are many lessons for us to learn, mostly about ourselves. It’s within these lessons where we get to dive deep and look at our patterns, our beliefs, our behaviours, our programmes. It’s in these lessons where we have those “aha” moments. The more we consciously do this deep inner work and start to wake up, the more we truly “see” reality for what it is – and that can be challenging, or indeed unpleasant. Ignorance is bliss as they say...

 “To thine self be true” and this is key in whatever work or purpose you are called to do. It is so easy to get caught up in what every body else is doing and how they are doing it because that’s the norm. We compare ourselves and deem others our competition, when in fact, they aren’t. We buy into the rules of how to do something without being conscious that these rules are merely programmes that keep us locked into this matrix of life. When you turn inwards and live life from a very embodied, sovereign state, where you trust your own guidance and are not distracted by shiny, sparkly objects which are ‘out there’, you begin to be in this world, and not of it.  You begin to step outside of the matrix.

I am not saying I’ve got this down pat. I still slip up. But it’s in those moments where I’ve slipped up that I stop and look at what there is for me to learn. The more I learn about myself, others and the world around me, the more I wake up and the more I see that I have free will, I have choice.

It’s ok that things change and that you realise that the path for you isn’t really your path at all. We’re human and we’re constantly evolving and learning - if we want to. What’s important here is to remember to be utterly true to you - which often means flying in the face of society. It can be a lonely path when you stop following the masses and live life by your own terms. When you honour your calling, your purpose - that thing you are here to do or to be, and stay true to you and how you choose to live your life, the Universe supports you. I know of healers (not the New Age Healers) who have incredible businesses without websites and without doing any marketing or advertising. It’s all word of mouth. It’s like the Universe has their back.

It takes much courage and conviction to state that you’re going to do things your own way and you are going to do and be what is true to you. It’s a gutsy path. But in doing so you give others permission to do the same. I am gobsmacked at how programmed we are becoming - just look at all the subliminal messages that are thrown in to what we view, download and watch. Look at how manipulated we are. Do we really believe we are sovereign? We’re led to be believe we are, but are we really?

You have to dig deep in amongst this societal norm - this matrix. But there you will find you again - and the best place to be is in your body as the body never lies. Get your feet on the earth, pay attention to the subtle signals in which your body communicates to you, trust yourself, follow your truth. And remember, you are way more powerful than you ever give yourself credit for.