Anne Loyd
Helping Ordinary Women Do Extraordinary Things


I chose to work with Anne because I felt guidance from her even from our first conversation, and there was a sense of calm that gave me some breathing space to think more logically about my future.

I was totally lost. I had no idea how to listen to myself and I was struggling with how to define what I loved doing, what made me happy professionally, and how to recognise my own skills. I felt trapped and unhappy at work and as a returning mother to work in a level of seniority I felt as though I had a ‘career crisis’.

My time with Anne will always be life changing. I am now empowered by understanding my passion, my skills, my priorities…and most of all my intuition.  I am encouraged by the fact that I can create professional happiness and job satisfaction and after a long time searching I have finally connected with where that path is – in an industry I am completely passionate about. I chose to work with Anne because I felt guidance from her even from our first conversation, and there was a sense of calm that gave me some breathing space to think more logically about my future. I am eternally grateful to Anne for teaching me how to block out the external noise and listen to myself. She changed my life!
— Sian, Vice President, London

When I first started working with Anne I was in a senior role that I had been asked to do – not necessarily one that I would have chosen. Although I was happy I was not thriving.

Working with Anne I ended up creating a dream role within the company and being promoted into it I am now a Director and also sit on the Board - a role that is perfect for my skills and a role that I thrive in and love. I am even studying for a professional qualification with the CIPD – something unimaginable to me a few years ago.

I am more visionary, more strategic and more confident to achieve whatever I want.
— kate, customer services and operations director, uk

I have really enjoyed being coached by Anne – it has given me an opportunity to really think about myself and what I would like in life which can be difficult for mothers who are not inclined to put themselves first.

Coaching has helped me to focus when life has been particularly hectic. After 20 years I have finally let go of what I thought I needed to become an artist, and am now exhibiting and selling my work.
— Kate, Artist, UK

Working with Anne is inspirational!  She is very professional, a great listener who provides keen insight, she cheers you on all the way and has a genuine interest in helping her clients find and focus on the passion in their lives. She is patient and understanding and so relatable.  She gets me!  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life and wants someone who will give honest advice, help you find your way and cheer you to the finish line!!! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will not be disappointed!
— Ana Maria, Director, USA

Sometimes it is difficult to put into words the impact of someone’s work. In my personal experience of working with Anne, the transformation that I have felt within a short space of time, falls nothing short of miraculous.

What Anne has taught me over and above anything else, is to trust my intuition; that still quiet voice within…the voice that comes from the solid ground of knowingness. You will know when you hear it, because it just feels absolutely right and you no longer feel the need to question. And if, like me, you have put your inner voice on mute for so long that you stopped believing in the importance of its existence a long time ago, call in the reinforcements and allow Anne to help you with the craft of fine tuning. It really will be worth your while.
— Chrissie, Property Developer, London

Anne Loyd is a miracle worker. She carries out her work in a kind, humble, and gentle way, always speaking from her heart… which naturally enables you to do the same. Rather than explaining concepts in abstract and complicated terms, Anne teaches from her own experiences, and in turn creates a natural dialog with a feeling of mutual understanding and compassion.

Anne is determined to help everyone who seeks her guidance to reach their full potential. Simply being in her presence feels like being wrapped in a warm hug… and sometimes that’s all you need.
— Laura, Photographer, LA