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Helping Ordinary Women Do Extraordinary Things

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Coaching, Mindfulness and workshops for the busy executive and entrepreneur who is in career transition, and mindfulness for those who want develop greater clarity, and enhance productivity and decision making.




YOU are a woman who wants more from her life. You are at a career crossroads. You want to create your next chapter. You run your own business. You are in an organisation and want to support one of your team. You want to be a good mother, a good lover, a good friend. You are ambition rich but time poor. You have things you always wanted to do but…. 

If any of this sounds like you, then you are perfect for coaching and coaching is perfect for you. 

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Proven coaching techniques within a carefully structured program will help reveal what you want out of life and out of yourself and give you practical steps to develop your true potential. We focus on progress and results and therefore coaching requires a serious commitment from both the coach and the client, and a determination to make a positive difference.

I work with both organisations and individuals, but it’s always about you.

I have had great success in bringing about fundamental change in women’s lives. Let them tell you how... read their kind words on my Reviews page.


Develop clarity, improve decision making, enhance resilience, increase your productivity and improve your relationships with Mindfulness training.

YOU rush through the day missing the chance to really consider or appreciate what you do, what you say and what you decide.  Pressure and stress can play tricks with you, it impairs your powers of reasoning, distorts your perception of risk and limits your imaginations. You are squeezed into response patterns and habits that do not always serve you well. Your are tired and depleted. Your work and relationships are suffering.

Mindfulness is a wonderful way of rebalancing all this to bring your mind and body into the reality and awareness of the present and away from our preoccupations of the future and clutter of the past.

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Mindfulness can help you ruminate less, sleep better, see things more clearly and stimulate your creativity. It can help alleviate stress and anxiety and bring moments of stillness into an otherwise frantic world.

I deliver Mindfulness training to companies interested in both supporting and developing their staff and their wellbeing. I deliver introductory talks as well as fully structured programs. I also provide individual mindfulness support and often run a series of group mindfulness sessions in London.


YOU are single and looking for love. You are in a relationship and looking to rekindle the magic. Your life has not quite turned out how you imagined. You want to reconnect with your creativity. You want to thrive on pressure, not just survive. You want to find peace in a busy life. You have a dream.

Amazing can things happen when you decide its time to make a change. 

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My workshops are often profound, sometimes emotional, but always focused on practical steps forward and are a lot of fun. We take on the things that matter to us most. I work with real life and real solutions. I create a safe space and a special time to think about the stuff that is really important. We look at love. We explore ways of finding love and we open up the world of relationships. We learn how to find the great in ourselves and how to be everything we've always wanted to be.