Anne Loyd
Helping Ordinary Women Do Extraordinary Things


Anne helps clients create the career and relationship they most desire with workshops based in the UK and the USA. Workshops include The Art of Intuition, The Art of Mindfulness and Creativity, and Creating a Life You Love.

The Art of Mindfulness + Creativity

In the words of Albert Einstein “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”.

We are all creators and are creating every day whether it’s with our words, our actions, our imagination or thoughts. But what about being creative?

Does your work require creative solutions and concepts? Do you manage to get quality, focused creative time? Do distractions, noise, pressure, technology and deadlines get in the way of your creativity flowing?

In this 1 1/2 hour workshop we will uncover your creative stimulus and specifically explore how stress and the busy mind can impair creativity, and how you can use mindfulness and other tools to truly allow your creativity to flourish.

This is a practical workshop that has been well received in the USA and the UK and includes group exercises, participation and tools and tips that you can use immediately in your daily life.


Finding 'Me' In a Busy World

Many of my clients complain that their life is too busy. At work (and at home) they feel like they’re juggling a number of balls in the air, trying desperately not to let one of them drop. They’re constantly distracted by various technology, tasks that need completing yesterday, and open office environments which can be noisy. They find it difficult to get real, focused time in which to do quality work.

While you often can't control your external environment , you can do something about your relationship with your internal environment. And that starts with YOU. 

This workshop looks at how you can find a place of inner peace and stillness where the stress response isn't easily triggered, allowing you to operate at your optimum, regardless of the frantic pace and busyness of the world around you. We will look at what the relaxation response is and how this can benefit you and your business, how you can cultivate a state of inner peace allowing you to work more productively, and how you can learn to become the master of technology and not its servant.


The Art of Intuition

Intuition - sixth sense, gut instinct, a knowing. What ever you choose to call it, intuition is a resource that we ALL have (it's not just a woman's domain).

Moving awareness from the head (where we spend the majority of our time) to the body is key if you want to begin to recognise how your intuition speaks to you. Often in the moment we receive intuition we try and rationalise it or perceive it through the filter of logic. But intuition isn’t always logical in that moment, and it’s only when we look back in hindsight that we see that our intuition was right all along.

Many successful business owners trust and use their intuition long before they reply on financial data, reports or strategic plans.

This workshop looks at the various ways you receive intuition, why it's important, and how you can turn up the volume of your intuition so it's a go-to resource whether that's in business or your private life.

This workshop includes practical application, tools and group discussion.

Dreaming Big

Regardless of your previous history or experiences, you can create your own reality starting right now. Life is not about being passive and letting it happen to you. It's about knowing consciously what you want and then creating it. We've been gifted with the ability to dream and to use our imagination, but often these resources are ignored, without the realisation that they are key in creating a life you love.

This workshop explores the power of having a dream and why it's key in the art of creating, the obstacles that get in our way (mostly you...), and discovery of what really lights you up inside. It's an extremely positive and inspirational workshop with practical exercises, discussion and journalling.

Finding Love: When Love Feels Hard to Find

It's hard to find love in a big city like London.  If you have tried everything to meet the right person but it hasn't happened, this unique workshop will turn everything on it's head about what you know about love. You will discover your beliefs, blocks and patterns that are getting in the way between you and love, we will look at how the relationships you are attracting are a direct reflection of how you value and feel about yourself, and you will get super clear about the relationship you want to create.

It's a practical day filled with many tools and exercises, discussion and sharing. If you are a man or a woman and you are serious about finding that special relationship, you don't want to miss this workshop.

Bespoke Mindfulness Workshops + Presentations

Bespoke, tailored workshops and presentations from one hour to 2 1/2 hours that cover what mindfulness is, what it isn't, the benefits of becoming more mindful and the neuroscience behind it.

This  practical workshop covers a formal mindfulness meditation practice along with tools to imbed informal practices into your daily life.