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Finding Me in a Busy World - LA

  • Mystic Journey 1702 Lincoln Boulevard Venice, CA, 90291 United States (map)

Life is busy. We are juggling many balls in the air. We’re working on many different devices. We’re constantly distracted by technology, tasks, noise and people. We find it hard to get real, focused time in which to do quality work.

Research has shown that over time multitasking tires the brain and makes you less productive and more prone to error. How can you operate at your best if you always feel like you’re playing catch-up?

This is my second of two workshops on how you can be the best you with Mystic Journeys. If you’re not sleeping well, suffer from anxiety, can’t turn your mind off, are under pressure or if you feel like life is spiralling out of control, then this workshop is for you.

I will address how you can cut through all the clutter and noise of life. We’ll look at how to stop the stress response, regardless of the frantic pace and busyness of the world around you. We will look at what the relaxation response is and how this can benefit you and your business, how you can cultivate a state of inner peace allowing you to work more productively, and how you can learn to become the master of technology and not its servant. We will also cover dismantling habitual thoughts and behaviour and how to fully reclaim who you are as a person, allowing you to operate at your optimum, so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life.

This is the second of two workshops that Anne will be hosting here at Mystic Journey Crystals & Yoga! We will be learning, discussing and growing amongst the extraordinary crystals, geodes and artwork in our gallery, setting the tone for an extra special and immersive experience during this series.

Tickets - $35 each or a discount of $60 if you purchase both workshops.

Click HERE to purchase tickets and use code AnneLoyd2 to redeem your discount when purchasing a ticket for both days!

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