Anne Loyd
Helping Ordinary Women Do Extraordinary Things

About Me

Professional Executive Coach and Personal Coach based in London. Mindfulness Trainer, workshops and presentations.  Member of the International Coaching Federation.

About Me

Serious stuff first... I started off as an Intuitive Coach 15 years ago and became officially qualified in 2008 as a Professional Certified Executive Coach with the USA based CoachU in America. For the last 11 years I have maintained my professional coaching qualification by having an ongoing portfolio of happy clients and periodic certified refresher training with the International Coaching Federation.

I am also an experienced Mindfulness trainer having completed training with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University (MBSR) and I am qualified to deliver the Finding Peace in a Frantic World programme from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. I have a degree in Business and Marketing and became a professional coach and trainer following several years of executive and management experience in both the commercial and public sectors.


I love teaching and presenting and run a variety of workshops in the UK and USA on creativity, mindfulness, productivity, spirituality and intuition. Both independently and through my work as a lead trainer at Mindfulness at Work, I have brought Mindfulness to the heart of the corporate world helping people to not only deal with stress in their working lives, but also find the many benefits for creativity and decision making that come from a regular mindfulness practice.

So What Am I Really Like?

Some say I am kind and intuitive, others that I’m gutsy and challenging. I am of course all of these. I take the trust given to me by my clients very seriously and take the time to understand you, what you want and 'which me' can best help you.

All of my work is underpinned by having had direct experience of the challenges and issues my clients face. I was coached 20 years ago and it transformed my life completely. I left a very well paid corporate job that I was unhappy in, I moved countries, I started my own business doing what I loved, then I met my husband and moved with him to London. The transformation that I went through from then to now is nothing short of miraculous - if I can do this so can you.

I love my home, my friends, my family, travel and having fun. I have an open and inquisitive mind and am truly happy when I am exploring the natural, spiritual and intellectual world around me. Healthy living, yoga, dancing, being outdoors, cooking and music are some of my guiltless pleasures.

I am also writing a book about body intelligence. You know butterflies and much more. Listen to what your body tells you - it's actually smarter than you may think.

I believe in dreams. I also believe in living my dreams. Much of my work is about how to turn your dreams into reality but from a place of being super grounded and real. I’m a Kiwi, born and bred in the South Island New Zealand, now living in London.

What Motivates Me?

My purpose is to help people, mostly, but not exclusively, women, to fulfil their true potential, and live the work and private lives they long for. I am completely sustained by what my clients say I have done for them from the careers we have sorted, the businesses that have turned around, the new paths that have been forged and the quality of relationships re-found. This is what motivates me. 


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